"There are plenty of things in life that I feel somewhat unsure about but, working as a doctor and in a leadership role in the NHS in England, I am very certain that our business is care, and improving health. And at the heart of outstanding care, is kindness. Not kindness as a soft and frivolous thing, nor as a state of being that belongs only to optimists, but as actions and decisions we choose to make every single day. There is nothing more important than this, and if we get this right pretty much everything else can follow."

Dr Bob Klaber

As each of us have been doing more thinking and work in this area, it has become increasingly clear that this conversation is at the heart of the direction that health and care systems across the globe need to take to better meet the needs of the things that matter most to our citizens and communities – reconnecting our work with the true purpose and mission of health and care.

And so it is a topic, and perhaps a movement, that we wanted to prioritise some time together to continue to talk about, to build relationships around, to listen and to learn from others. The essence of our time together within the ‘conversation for kindness’ is built around stories, listening and coproduction….if that sounds in any way appealing then please do come and join us.